Technology Review for Xbox One Gaming Console


With the development of the technology and the achievements of the developers the people are now available with the xbox one that has got the significant position in the people. From the xbox s to the latest xbox one version there are lot of changes and amendments that have been made by the developers in the background structure of it for the sake of the interests of the people.

Xbox one specification:

In the xbox one there is always a more focus found on the software by the developers of it. They have made tremendous efforts in the best of their ways to add some of the specification to the xbox one. This xbox one able to work with this heavily customized versions of the windows 10. Here are some of the specifications of this xbox one

  • 75 GHz
  • 12 GCN compute units running at 853 MHz
  • Better resolution
  • Smarter scaling techniques
  • Best job done in case of the hiding of the apps.

What is good in xbox one?

Here are some of the things that are best to be called as the best quality features of this xbox one. The information and the knowledge about the good and exciting points of the xbox one makes the people more sure about the minds when they are going to make a use of the xbox for the sake of their fun and entertainment.

  • There is a list of the great exclusive titles present in the xbox one
  • The controller of the xbox one is considered to be the best
  • The apps ecosystem have been improved in the xbox one
  • In addition to the apps ecosystem there is also an improvement made in the software of the xbox one.
  • For the people there is an availability of the more strong games for the people over the horizon of the xbox one.

What is bad about the xbox one?

Here are some of the bad things that people must know about the xbox one to avoid any kind of the inconvenience that they might face when they are going to deal with the xbox one.

  • The xbox one is struggling they get a match with the play station 4 for the sale of the raw performance
  • The xbox one is big and as well as the bulky as compare to the play station 4.
  • This version of the xbox one is the superseded version of the xbox s in the form of the project Scorpio.

Final words:

The developers of the xbox one are still facing an environment of the competition with respect to the play station 4. But the xbox one that is the superseded version of the xbox s is liked and used by the people. The good features of this xbox one are the one that makes it one of the best things for the people that have an interest in different types of the games.