Samsung Galaxy TabPro S:  One Of The Best Computer Deals


The galaxy TabPro S is going to be the best window tablet in the store. With is attractive screen and the perfect battery life it is going to give surface 3 by Microsoft a good competition. TabPro S is going to accomplish two functions remarkably that are:

  • Impressive entertainment
  • Effortless productivity

It will be a perfect laptop replacement that you can also utilize for work and play. It can be regarded as your perfect convertible choice for the future.

Key features

  • It is equipped with the USB type C
  • AMOLED 12-inch display with 2160 x 1400
  • Processor is Intel M
  • Bundled keyboard cover
  • Windows 10
  • Price tag $899
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 128 GB SSD hard drive space


The TabPro S has a point of style because of its thin and sleek manufacturing. The tab is manufactured with high-quality material. It has polycarbonate body that has been given a stylish look because of the aluminum edges. The leather finish detachable keyboard makes it even more impressive. You will love the grain like the finish of the tab.


The TabPro S has a minimal number of ports. Unfortunately, you cannot have the memory card reader port. Apart from the headphone jack, the only port that you will find in the TabPro S is the type C USB port. The only alternative for this is that you have to buy the special adapters to accomplish other jobs.


You can enjoy the vivid color and clear details with the AMOLED display of the galaxy TabPro S. the reason that I loved its display was that when I watched the HD print move I was able to even notice the dust particles that was simply amazing. It is capable of producing up to 180.2 sRGB color spectrum.

Touchscreen, touchpad, and keyboard

The keyboard is easy to use but you might find them shallow and closely spaced, which will make it hard for you to type a report on it. The touchpad is quick to response and will provide you with the perfect navigation and good feel to each click. However, you might miss the three-finger app switch gesture.

The touchscreen is also quick to respond and you will love using the device.


The galaxy tab with all the hardware and software features is perfect for multitasking. You will find no lag in the device when you switch between applications whether they are online or offline. With the second screen feature, the gamers will have an extra remote for their Xbox.


The galaxy TabPro S has the small stereo speakers. The beats have a reverberated bass with the good group vocals and the high drum bass will sound crisp.

So it will be your attractive choice as this 2 in 1 TabPro S is providing what you might not find in the competitors. It will not disappoint you because it will, never let you wait to operate a command or task.